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 15 Best Japanese Restaurants in Los Angeles 

Japnese food is famous worldwide, due to its special cooking and grilling techniques (using hibachi grills or teppan grills ). Special use of traditional spices (wasabi and shoga etc)  and sauces(miso sauce and teriyaki sauce etc ), makes it even more toothsome.

A substantial amount of Japanese food outlets can be found in Los Angeles. If you are foody and you want to enjoy good Japanese food with your friends and family, we are here to help you. Here we are providing you with a list of the 15 best restaurants in the city, which offer Japnese cuisine. Let’s Begin the Japanese food adventure in Los Angeles;

1. Yazawa

Yazawa restaurant is named after a famous butcher from Japan, he was famous for his wagyu beef cutting technique. His famous technique was to cut the beef into three parts. They serve fresh wagyu beef dishes like Yazawa omakase, wagyu sashimi sushi, and Garlic Japnese wagyu rice. With an enchanting interior setting, freshly grilled wagyu beef is served to the visitors. 

The traditional way of cooking beef on metal grills (also known as hibachi style cooking ) is practiced to give the conventional taste to the dishes.They also offer a great range of noodles and rice. 

2. Kodo       
Kodo is an amazing bar-style Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. They specialize in sushi and izakaya food. Customers can enjoy an open-air and private dining experience depending on their preferences. Head chef yoyo Takahashi has expertise in different dishes like patty topped with egg yolk that is served with yakitori sauce.

Kodo's menu offers sushi, robata, and native Kyoto cuisine. Drinks are also available at the place. The alluring interior of the space is the center of attraction for consumers.

3. Manpuku Tokyo BBQ

Located in west Los Angeles, Manpuku offers a great variety of Japanese food. Manpuku means “to be happy with a full stomach”, and it truly depicts its meaning through the variety of cuisines this restaurant offers.

They specialize in Beef tongue and Japanese barbeque dishes. Assorted kimchi, prime hanger steak, and Kobe filet mignon are a few favorites from their menu.

 Along with a dine-in experience, they also offer a takeout menu. So you can grab your favorite dish on way to work or home.

4. Fujioka Teppanyaki

For foodies, it's always a quest to find out the exact traditional taste of the food when they want to try a specific cuisine. Fujioka teppanyaki located in Los Angeles offers great Japanese food with a traditional hibachi food cooking style and original spices. They use fresh wagyu beef in their meals and professional chefs cook this with teppanyaki grilling techniques. Their menu includes hibachi shrimp, hibachi scallops, Fujioka wagyu filet mignon, hibachi chicken, etc. 

If you're searching for hibachi in los angeles, they can prepare delicious hibachi food for your family events at home, weddings parties in los angeles or any business events in office, With all the great food they offer, they also render additional great services like decorating, catering, and managing the whole event.

If you want to arrange an event like a birthday, wedding, or corporate event you can hire Fujioka Teppanyaki’s team and sit and relax to watch them do all the stuff for you.

5. Shojin

People nowadays are very conscious about their eating habits and the food they eat. Most folks love to eat organic food and mostly vegetarian food. Located in downtown Los Angeles, Shojin is the best place for vegetarians. Shojin offers gluten-free, vegetarian food with no artificial ingredients.

The food outlet is a great choice who want to eat Japanese food without any artificial flavors. They have a vast variety of dishes like the secrets of Japan (cutlet with avocado), shiso roll, steak lettuce, pickled vegetables, spicy tuna on crispy rice, etc.

Different types of sushi food along with drinks and desserts are also served at the place. They also offer strawberry chocolate cake, molten lava cake, etc in the dessert category. Matcha green tea and other drinks options like cocktails are also a great deal here.

6. Kagaya

With amazing food and customer service,kagaya is a great place to enjoy the food in the city. A variety of Japanese-style cooked beef and seafood variety is available with enriched flavors. Their famous dishes include mixed shabu with beef and seafood, raw oysters, and wagyu beef dishes. Beef is cooked in boiling broth and is served with sauces to dip in and get the delicious taste. 

Tempting side dishes like rice soups and desserts like banana cream pie are also served by the restaurant. You will find Tokyo flavors while visiting kagaya in Los Angeles.

7. Samurai Hibachi Grill

Cooked in hibachi style, the samurai hibachi grill is a great outlet for people who love grilled Japanese food. Hibachi style cooking is a famous style of cooking in which vegetables, beef, or seafood are cooked on a metal grill and fresh spices are added to give the conventional Japanese flavor.  They offer hibachi grilled steak chicken, rice noodles, and a variety of  Japanese barbeque. 

Fresh vegetables are cooked by professional cooks with specific techniques to make a hit on the menu. Their beef is cooked in such a great way that it is very soft and tender and gives a mouthwatering experience.

8. Katsuya 

Katsuya has a great ambiance along with great food. Katsuya offers a great variety of food like sushi, sashimi platters, cocktails, and unique rolls. They offer contemporary Japanese food to the citizen with an American fusion of flavors. Their specialties are white fish carpaccio, crispy rice with spicy tuna, and crispy and crunchy Japanese slaw that includes chicken and vegetables. 

The focal point of the place is an open sushi bar cooking area that shows the chefs cutting, cooking, and displaying their specific culinary techniques to entertain you while cooking your meal.

9. Katana

A cutting-edge-style Japanese restaurant, Katana offers a huge variety of dishes. The hibachi-style grilled food is served here to bring appealing dishes to the visitors. Jidori chicken, Taraba Gani, grilled avocado, and robusuta wagyu beef are a few full of flavor dishes you can eat here. Sushi and sashimi dishes along with a great variety of appetizers, salads, and cocktails are also present. 

Katana also takes care of food for your soul by providing a live DJ who plays nice music.  Visitors can enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace of the place. Katana also offers a takeaway menu so you can just enjoy your meal wherever you want to.

10. Koi

Blending customary Japanese food with Californian style is the specialty of Koi restaurant. Koi restaurant is the part of Los Angeles dining since 2002. You would love to enjoy the professionally cooked  koi crispy rice, Miso bronzed code  along with a variety of rolls (crab roll and “she’s so LA “ roll.)Hamachi fusion and spicy seared albacore are a few mouth-watering dishes served on their dinner menu. 

Candlelight settings with beautiful seating are an amazing way of enjoying the food and the whole vibe of the place. 

11. Tempura Endo

With a beautiful entrance and seating arrangement, tempura endo has a beautiful ambiance. Koichi endo is the owner and chef of the restaurant and Satoshi Masuda is the head chef of the tempura endo. Tempura is a Japanese style of cooking in which fish, vegetables, or seafood is dipped with a batter and cooked. They use special oils and tasty sauces to give it a perfect Japanese touch. 

They offer special types of vegetables, tempura shrimp toast, and special sashimi. The oils and sauces they use are freshly made by chefs, to give the classical Japanese taste to the meals they prepare.

12. Bar Hayama

Bar Hayama offers a huge assortment of Japanese food ranging from, fried chicken, sushi, and sashimi. Cooked in a traditional Japanese style, with specific spices, and served with tasty sauces, the food is amazing here.

Grilled salmon and edamame and soba chips big salad are also a few hits from their menu. The beautiful fire pit and the interior of the place provide a captivating experience to the customers.

13. Shibumi

Shibumi is a great place to enjoy Japanese food with organic and sustainable ingredients. Delicious dishes offered by Shibumi, include goose stew, grilled olive wagyu, and silky egg. A huge variety of cocktails are served in shibumi .

Shibumi chefs focus on the taste, texture, and presentation of the food to make it more attractive to the customers. Kappo's style of cooking is practiced in this small-sized food outlet.

14. Soregashi

Soregashi is an amazing option for foodies in Los Angeles. Their major hits from the menu include sweet shrimp sushi, Hokkaido scallop sushi, Negi toro cut roll, and mixed seaweed salad. Soregashi offers great food with top-notch customer service. Blue crab and salmon rolls are also loved by visitors.

Although they offer Japnese food, the vibe of the place is quite modern and casual. Cold soba noodles, crispy octopus, and fried eggplant are also a few appealing dishes on their menu.

15. Hamasaku

Mixing the traditional Japanese food vibe with Californian style, Hamasaku Is a great place to take your Japanese delight. They offer both lunch and dinner meals.Hamasaku's Menu includes chicken dumplings known as gyoza, creamy scallops, and Japanese mushrooms.

Their sunset rolls include avocado and cucumber, and salmon with fresh wasabi are also customer favorites. With flavorsome food, classic dining style, and comforting hospitality, hamasaku wins the hearts of visitors.

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