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The famous quote” Los Angeles brings it all together “shows the inclusivity and diversity of the city. Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California and the second largest city in the United States.

With hot summers and rainy winters, Los Angles renders the best tourist attractions like parks, restaurants, and Hollywood studios. Los Angles has racial and ethnic diversity. This makes Los Angles the best food city as it offers the best cuisines originating from different parts of world and serving different communities.

If you are searching for the best food options available in Los Angles, this article is a well-researched guide on the 10 best Restaurants in Los angles where you can enjoy different types of cuisines. Let’s begin the food hunt;

1. Otium


Located in downtown Los Angles,Otium provides magnificent environment to patrons coupled with delicious food. Otium is a Latin word meaning “a place where one can spend leisure time “.This restaurant has an open kitchen and casual ambiance, based on the idea of socializing. The founder of this restaurant is Chef Timothy Hollingsworth. Otium offers variety in its menu and in addition to main-course dishes, patrons can enjoy desserts, drinks, and ice creams.

The famous dishes of Otium restaurant are Roasted chicken, Otium potatoes, and Duck croquette. In desserts, they serve delicious warm chocolate tart and honeycomb ice cream.

2. Republique

Republique is owned by chef Walter and Margarita Manzek. Republique restaurant mostly serves french menu and is located in a historical building ,that was constructed in 1929. Republique is all in one type of place because it has a bakery, cafe, bar, and a formal dining area in it. 

The cafe of Republique serves a variety of dishes few of them are Bluefin tuna tartare, Rodolphe le Meunier butter, Cuban sandwich, steak fries, and dry-aged beef burger. The bakery offers tempting items like Melon panna cotta and chocolate hazelnut opera.

3. Damian 

Damian offers great Mexican food along with seasonal California food. The founder Chef of the restaurant is Enrique Olvera. Some appetizing dishes served by Damian are uni tostada(Salad), Fish tempura taco, and Costillas enmoladas (rice).

Damian’s menu includes brunch, dinner, and an amazing list of cocktails. Some popular cocktails are frozen strawberry royale and Cadillac. The specialty of Damian is house cocktails and margaritas.

4. Petit Trois

Located in the neighborhood of Hollywood, Petit Trois is an amazing place for indoor and outdoor dining depending on personnel preference. The main course has unique dishes like pesto pasta, roasted duck, and chicken leg confit.

They also offer beverages, desserts, and non-alcoholic drinks like Pellegrino 7 and acqua panna 7.Few delecious desserts served by Petit Trois are Rice pudding 14,Paris-brest 16(pastry) and chocolate Mousse 14.

5. Fujioka Teppanyaki

Fujioka Teppanyaki offers mouth-watering Japanese food like grilled meat or fish with fried vegetables. The chefs of  Fujioka Teppanyaki showcase the amazing skills of the culinary heritage of Japan as they use Hebachi (grill) and traditional spices to level up their game.

Fujioka Teppanyaki use special wagyu beef that is a special type of Japanese cattle beef that contains high amounts of saturated fats. Wagyu beef provides exceptional taste and texture to teppanyaki-style grilled dishes. Their special dishes include hibachi shrimp,Rack of lamb,Hibachi Chicken,tofu steak, wagyu Rib eye, and Fujioka chef’s special tuna.

Covid -19 has changed a lot in the world, it also affected people going to restaurants and having their meals . People prefer to have their meals at home or workplace. Fujioka Teppanyaki is a cutting edge solution to this issue ,as they provide amazing food and put together  beautiful events at the client’s desired spot. They offer teppanyaki style food and dining style. 

If you live in Los Angles  Fujioka Teppanyaki’s team can decorate your birthday parties, wedding receptions, or business meetings. They offer 24-hour customer service which can help the people in need of immediate food and service.You can find further information on their website.

6. Badmaash

Badmaash is an Indian restaurant that offers dine-in, delivery, and takeaway. Pawan Mahendro owns the restaurant along with his two sons . This restaurant mainly focuses on Indian cuisine. Badmaash’s famous dishes are badass chicken tikka, south Indian fish Konkani, and mixed mushroom vindaloo. 

They offer amazing oat milk tea which is very velvety and creamy. Individuals  who would rather not drink animal milk tea ,this plant based tea is an ideal choice for them.

7. Sushi gen

Sushi gen is a dine-in a restaurant that offers lunch and dinner.Sushi gen was set up  in 1980. For lunch, they purvey different dishes like premium sushi and sashimi lunch that includes rice. Sushi gen’s dinner includes a copious  variety of dishes like tempura dinner and freshwater eel dinner.

You can have a great time and relish different types of seafood accompanying different appetizers.

8. Dulan’s soul food kitchen

Owned by Adolf Dulan, started in 1999 ,Dulan’s soul food kitchen is a cafeteria-style dining restaurant. They have toothsome dishes like smothered chicken, baked fish, corn and okra, and sweet potato pie . Additionally they deal in dine in and catering administrations for various occasions.

They offer lunch and dinner daily and an extraordinary dinner cuisine on sunday’s dinner. Dulan’s soul food kitchen likewise offers an assortment of vegetable ,lentil dishes and desserts.

9. Spago

Located in Beverly hills ,Spago is the flagship restaurant of Wolfgang puck fine dining group. Wolfgang Puck buzzy is the founder chef of this restaurant Spago has  an amazing standard in the food and service style.Some of the hits from their menu are basque cheese cake, pan roasted half jidori chicken, and spicy big eye tuna.

Guests can choose from a seasonal menu known as an a la carte menu or they can get the multi-course California tasting menu. Spago also offers private event dining at the desired place of the client.

10. Jitalda 

Jitalda is an original southern Thai cuisine .Resturant is owned by chef Suthiporn “Tui” Sungkamee and his sister, Sarintip “Jazz” Singsanong.They offer different types of soup,salads, appetizers, and curries with Thai spices and ingredients. Some of their hot sellers are spicy Jitalda wings, sizzling beef, and Bangkok duck.

Jitalda also offers different types of curries like lamb curry and oxtail curry.Jitalda offers a colossal variety of seafood like mango salmon , seafood platter and scallops, and eggplant.

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